To Amelia

Amelia Grace Rose is 7 months old now.  Sometimes I feel our third is just tumbling up as one month turns into another and it hardly seems possible she is more than half way into her first year on this earth!  I only have so much time to devote to each of my children and so, dear Amelia, this post is dedicated to you because you are the smallest, the one with the least demands and thus, the easiest to look over in the shuffle of life…but mama loves you ever so much!

Dear Amelia,

  I wanted to let you in on a few things about you since you will ask me one day what you were like as a baby.  First off, I will say this to you…you are happy and easy!  For example, when we are out walking, random pedestrians will stop and remark at what happy baby you are…I take a peak at you as you sit suspended from me in your baby carrier and sure enough, you are beaming!  I can take you anywhere at anytime and you roll with the schedule your older siblings keep.

  Within the last month, you put yourself onto an afternoon nap schedule that matches your older sister’s.  So now mommy can count on a few hours of quiet time in the afternoon, which you will learn one day when you are a mommy yourself, is a nice treat!  Also within the last month, you are finally taking more of an interest in toys!  With two siblings to watch and observe, you have had little interest in toys!

  Amelia, I will tell you that early in your life, God protected you.  A potentially harmful fall was broken by His hands and you, my dearest girl, were fine.  Mommy and daddy never felt so thankful as knowing nothing was broken and I knew after that awful day that you were a strong little thing.  Small in frame but strong and resilient…

  You should know You giggle a lot.  You began saying “dada” at about 6 months of age and babble more than Micah or Ellie did at your age.  You have finally decided you will eat baby food and green beans seem to be your favorite right now.  You are still learning the art of sitting…your back gets all stiff.  But the funny thing…you love to stand and have such strong legs!  I prop you against the couch and you stand and stand as if you are wanting to bypass sitting.  As if you would rather just like to begin walking sooner rather than later.  What a funny girl you are!

  You are number three but, don’t ever fear my Amelia that you are and will be just as loved as your other siblings!  God gives parents an infinite amount of love to love and love and love some more.   Daddy and I can’t help but smile every time we see you and I see such a joy in your father’s eyes when he holds you.  You are beautiful and precious and when God created you, He molded an amazing work of art! 

We love you more than you’ll ever know our precious 7 month old girl!

Love mommy

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5 Responses to To Amelia

  1. Grace says:

    She is precious. Can’t wait to see her!

  2. Adrienne says:

    You can tell she’s so happy. I love the one with her looking in the mirror. She is getting that round baby look. So sweet.

  3. She is indeed beautiful. It is so good to blog and write down these fleeting thoughts that are lost at the end of the day when we are tired. A good reason to keep on writing. Your Mom-journal, which the kids will love to read one day!

  4. bchallies says:

    She is a precious little girl! Thanks for posting on her, so we know how she is growing and developing. Mom

  5. jchallies says:

    Lovely thoughts and one sweet baby.


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