The Magic Scarf

My little Amelia loves my scarf.  Or so I found out last Sunday when a woman at church kept her in the nursery room during the service and said Amelia would only calm down and fall asleep once she had my scarf nearby.  This brilliant, seasoned mom found my scarf which I had left in the room, put it around her neck and Amelia quickly fell asleep.  After the service, I found her in the arms of this woman holding on to my scarf with one little hand!

What an honor it is to be the one this little cherub is most calmed down by and how incredible that God has created our children to be calmed simply by the “scent of mom.”  Black, cream and tan, this scarf is now my favorite and I hope will be just as quick a means of calming Amelia in the future should the need arise!

(And might I say a “hip hip hooray” that my youngest finally slept through the night last night for the first time in months!  8:00pm until 7:30am!  I am thankful!:)

Wearing the “magic” scarf:)


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6 Responses to The Magic Scarf

  1. Grace says:

    Susanna, that is so sweet. It was such fun to lay with Amelia on the bed and hear her sucking her thumb…she pulled my hair and snuggled me. She is so precious.

  2. That is adorable, Susanna. I would never have thought of the “scarf-trick” myself. What a great thought! You have another Ellie on your hands, with the Mommy-attachment:)

  3. Melissa says:

    She is looking at you wit such adoring eyes in that last picture. So precious.

  4. bchallies says:

    That is precious, Hon…

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