Sister Friends

What would I do with out sisters?  It occurred to me recently that I would likely be completely sunk if it were not for the two girls God ordained to be my sisters!  After all, they’re not simply my sisters…they are two people I know I can always call up and they’ll be ready to talk.  Whether we live close to each other or far, we have become increasingly aware over the years of how much we need each other.

Last week, I had a perfect week with my younger sister Grace, her husband Justin and their daughter Cora.  It was not perfect if perfect is a week where everything went JUST as planned.  It did not go perfectly as planned.  A towed car (poor Justin had to spend a morning at the Brooklyn Navy Yard with some very unpleasant people), some sleepless nights, fussy babies while out…but the imperfection brought us closer and fostered a greater reliance on God.   He doesn’t want ease for us in this life much of the time but more and more, I’m okay with that.  How else would we grow in character if things always went just the way we wanted them to go?

But, as for the perfect, it was still so perfect.  Because I got to spend every day with a friend who knows me so well and knows what it is like to be a stay -at-home-mom.  Who knows that for a SAHM, going out for a delicious cup of Brooklyn coffee is as awesome an experience as going out on the town.  Who loves to talk and converse about deep topics. 

I was so encouraged by my sister’s ability to be so encouraging of others.  She is always ready to build others up and always wants what is best for people in a way that is so genuine.  It was good to be around that spirit and I was challenged to be more like that myself as I find it so easily goes against the human heart to be happy for others in all things and to encourage.

And lastly, Grace converted me to skinny jeans!  Yes, after years of fighting them off, I have given way to the fashion and must say I love the pair I bought at Urban Outfitters…this conservative girl can find it hard to wear anything but bootcut jeans and boring shirts every day so getting help from my very fashionable younger sister was much long in coming!;)

Thank you sister friend.  Thank you for coming all this way with your little family.  Thank you for your love, your wisdom, your compassion, and your encouragement. 

God, thank you for sisters!

P.S.  Photo credit goes to Grace

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6 Responses to Sister Friends

  1. Grace says:

    Thank so much…I really enjoyed my time with you and was very blessed by the example you and Rick set. We loved every minute and agree…it was perfect even though there were a few imperfections here and there:) Love you!

  2. Grace says:

    Oh…and photo credit actually goes to Justin:)

  3. Glad it was so fun. Just what everyone needed-minus the towed-away car….!

    Love ya!

  4. bchallies says:

    So glad you guys had that time together.

  5. Jo says:

    Sisters are a deep treasure, this I know.
    {No skinny jeans yet, but leggings! Crazy, but true! I swore I never would. . .}

  6. Franci says:

    You are so blessed! I hope I can raise my girls to be great friends one day. :-)

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