Making It Christmas

There are 4 steps to making it a successful Christmas season in our household!  Here they are:

1.  Making a gingerbread house

2.  Cutting down a tree

3.  Decorating

4.  Making Christmas cookies


Now, if I can only finish making my Christmas cards…my sister’s inspired me to try handmade but it is time consuming!  Down to the wire baby!;)

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5 Responses to Making It Christmas

  1. Grace says:

    Everything looks great!!!! Can’t wait to get the handmade card. Love you.

  2. I love the branch with the stockings!!!! Very nice. I hope it’s a fun and creative day- looks like you are carving out the moments well. Love yoyu!!!

  3. Megha says:

    Looks like you all are having a fun Christmas season! I love New York at Christmas, too :)

  4. jchalles says:

    Those Xmas cookies would make a great stocking stuffer. Hint, hint.


  5. Franci says:

    Oh well done, Susanna! I had great ambitions to make a gingerbread house this Christmas, but I think we’ll just stick to gingerbread cookies… I’m finding it hard just to get to the usual stuff! And although we don’t have a tree, we’ve decorated the lounge, so it’s at least a little bit festive around here! :-) Oh, and I’ve been doing special advent dinners.

    I can vouch for the yummyness of those cookies! Thanks for them!

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