Identity? God's


I used to be a great many things or so it seemed at the time.  I was a student, part of a choir, working with special needs kids, running competitively, playing instruments, seen as creative and more heavily involved in different aspects of church community.  So many things to take up my time and to give me that feeling of affirmation.  That affirmation found in the praise of others who noted what I did and praised my accomplishments. 

Fast forward a few years and a month after graduating from University, Rick and I had Micah.  Life as I had known it changed.  I could no longer be  easily involved in programs and groups.  I was no longer is school so the ready access of choirs, creative writing classes and competitive running was gone.  Slowly my world was being rocked and year by year, my identity as I knew it changed.  This has not been comfortable.  Stripped of my former identity, I have often wondered what in the world I have to offer anymore besides a mean diaper change, pb and j sandwiches or crazy renditions of any number of children’s songs.  And then I hear another stay-at-home-mom speak of finding a career and I think sadly…”don’t you have one already dear friend?” 

Stripped of a former list of gifts and descriptions, giving my years right now to help steer little feet in the straight and narrow and trying to make a home a home, I am faced with the reality that I found too much meaning in titles.  Wasn’t it always good enough to simply be God’s child?  No matter what I am to others, knowing I am God’s child is the solid truth that will truly give me a leg to stand on. 

He didn’t see me as any more special when I had many obvious titles as He does now in this role He has put me in to be a mother.  He wants to be glorified and made much of in whatever capacity He puts me in.  All have equal value and relevance to the furthering of His kingdom.   No small task…much to do and much to make much of!

Remember this weekend and always, when we feel stripped down and bear, He is ready to draw us close, to be a father, to solve our “identity crisis” and remind us that we are and alway will remain first and foremost, forever:  HIS!  And that was always good enough!

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5 Responses to Identity? God's

  1. We have talked much of these things. Glad we can remind one another always!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Susanna I can’t BEGIN to tell you how you spoke to my heart this evening. Thank you so much for sharing this — understanding that we are HIS and that’s where are value lies is my struggle right now. Especially in light of motherhood, but as most women also in respect to my relationships to other women.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Grace says:

    Thank you for the reminder…always needed:)

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