Precious Performance

Last night was Micah’s school Christmas performance.   I looked at Micah and saw my eldest but also saw my baby.  I saw the boy so tiny and swaddled in a blanket and then the big boy in front of me…not so helpless but yet thankfully, still so in need of his mama’s care!  Emotions…pride, love, joy, peace, confidence and praise that Micah does everything in life with utter exuberance welled up in my heart.

When Micah first entered the performance, he was dressed up as a Christmas gift and I thought how appropriate!  He is a precious gift.  All these children are gifts…and the greatest gift God ever gave to this world was a child.  His only child.  His only son.  

We were reminded last night throughout the performance that Christmas is not about trees or gifts or lights.  Though all these things are beautiful, Jesus is who and what we celebrate!  He was born to set men free from captivity and enslavement to sin…He was born to give us a meaning and wholeness we can find nowhere else!

“Christ the saviour is born!  Christ the saviour is born!”



Our friends Ben Hoyt and Elizabeth Wigle came

Micah with his teacher

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6 Responses to Precious Performance

  1. Sandy Rose says:

    Very, very cute pictures. I bet he did a great job!
    Love you,
    mom R.

  2. bchallies says:

    Thanks for documenting Micah’s big night so well…And love the pictures of the girls, too!

  3. Grace says:

    SO PRECIOUS! I love that he was a gift. super cute.

  4. jchallies says:

    Beautiful photos. Tous les gars look great. Such a handsome family.

  5. Wish I could have been there to see Micah. Sure he did great! See you all in a few days.

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