Happiness Results

I wrote previously about an interesting website that sends random surveys to track your happiness. I just finished a “happiness cycle” and thought I’d share results I found interesting.

1. Coffee was my second happiest activity

Not surprising, but a little scary to be #2. Shopping, errands, housework, etc towed the bottom of the charts.

2. Sleep quantity had no impact

I was surprised the amount of sleep I got actually had no trend at all – showing all over the charts. Though sleep quality did have a strongĀ correlation.

3. Want to vs. Have to

Most surveys ask if you have to and do you want to do what you are currently doing. ‘Want to’ showed a strong and identical happiness level regardless of if I ‘had to.’ ‘Don’t want to’ and ‘don’t have to’ interestingly scored lower than ‘don’t want to’ but ‘have to.’

4. Level of focus / distraction

At 50% focus my happiness is all over the chart, but above 50% happiness steadily improved with increased focus. So there is perhaps a diminished return (on negative impact) for me at a certain level of distraction.

5. Days of the week

My week starts happiest on Sunday and Monday, dips mid-week, and then climbs a bit to end the week.


Unfortunately this cycle coincides with me being very sick and then Amelia being in the hospital, so some of the results may be a-typical.

They share fewer results than I would like – some questions asked don’t appear in my personal results, I’d like to see the cumulative results of all participants, and I’d like to have a custom reporting engine for more complex results. Overall, the project is still interesting and enlightening.

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3 Responses to Happiness Results

  1. Grace says:

    Interesting. I would imagine if you charted all of this a couple months from now the results would be very different as you have had SUCH a hard month.

  2. I am so intrigued by this study. Interesting how in the midst of this, God has allowed some very difficult times. I wonder often about the meaning of happiness vs. JOY. Happiness is often based on things going more or less as we want. JOY is based in things possibly going opposite of what we want, but knowing there is HOPE in the midst of it. Purpose. Sovereign goodness. Rick, thank you for doing all that you do for my sister and your children. YOu are a great gift, and have proven yourself to be so many times over the last few weeks. I am HAPPY you are my brother-in-law:)!

  3. bchallies says:

    I am interested in the comment you made a few days ago about how distraction while on task minimizes the satisfaction in it – much to think about.

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