A Day Redeemed

Yesterday I woke up to the biggest disaster area in recent memory when I walked into Micah and Ellie’s room. Several times during the night I had heard mysterious bangs and booms but had chosen sweet oblivion over investigating.  Well, I paid for that approach!  Not only was there stuff ALL over the floor, but before this picture was taken, the dresser was even overturned!  The culprit?  My Ellie…or so that is what Micah says!;)

So, my friend Karla came over in the morning and not only did she bring a meal, but some of this amazing stuff as well!  My day was feeling a little brighter already!

And then, Grandma and Grandpa arrived and brought a second Christmas along with them!;)  Micah and Ellie were very excited to receive more gifts and now, Micah is practising his future as a jazz musician with his new keyboard and Ellie is gearing up to help me bake in the new year with her brand new apron Grandma Rose sewed for her!

A difficult beginning to the day ended with a sweetness!  Or that is until the kids decided to rock out on the keyboard through out the night!  Ah, parenting!  NEVER, EVER, EVER a dull moment! 


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9 Responses to A Day Redeemed

  1. They overturned the dresser?? LOL wow.

  2. Becca K. says:

    I love that set of fabrics in Ellie’s apron. One of my favorites! :)

  3. Brenda says:

    What adventure… the day only brought more! Enjoy!

  4. Glad the day got better. How could it not? :)

  5. Bonnie says:

    Better get that dresser and any other similar things tethered to the wall. That will avoid an even bigger disaster which thankfully didn’t happen to you. Don’t mean to scare you but I do know of someone that the worst happened to. (A neighbor of my in-laws who had twins).
    But I am very glad your day improved from there – you’ve had way too much stress lately. And I am so happy to hear that the City Church ladies have been serving you so well. What a blessing they are!

  6. Kim Vinson says:

    What fun! I’ve had a similar moment where I ignored the noise and found Rachel with her diaper off and 30+ wipes used to clear herself. They are so independent right now and love to have fun. Hope you have a great time with Rick’s parents. : )

  7. Grace says:

    Oh my…they did some damage…I must admit I was expecting something even worse, like broken glass or something…glad it was at least harmless naughtiness (not that there really is such a thing) :) Love the apron! Sure you’ll enjoy Micah jamming to his new keyboard:)

  8. bchallies says:

    How nice to have a second Christmas! Looking forward to seeing the kids! Mom

  9. Corrin says:

    Welcome Susanna!!!
    As you can see, I haven’t written much at all these past few days for January Reflections, but I hope to change that now that my paper is done.

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