Square One

Our little almost 9 month old miss has been refusing solid food since the ng tube was placed through her nose and into her stomach.  Six times a day, she has a certain amount of formula entering her tummy with no effort on her part so Amelia is getting used to being full all the time and has been losing interest in solids. It’s pretty much been strictly formula and breast milk since the hospital.  Any ground we had gained before the hospital stay in regards to her eating (opening her mouth, leaning forward and just generally seeming interested, vanished.  In fact, she actually seemed to lose interest even in nursing for a few days towards the end of our hospital stay…I felt so terrified!  Like I’d have nothing but the tube once we got home again!

So, last week, due to the frustrations of her simply locking her mouth shut, I just took time off from solids all together but this week I am beginning the week very determined to get Amelia back on track.   I prayed before I offered her the first bite.  A prayer that she would be interested and EAT!

I am pleased to report that with a lot of time (we sat for about 45 minutes), a fun song as I brought the spoon to her mouth (on the fly, I made up, “The itsy bitsy spoon went into Amelia’s mouth!”) and much positive reinforcement after each bite, Amelia ate most of the cereal! I am excited and needed that bit of encouragement!

This might sound so mundane and unexciting…yes we are back to square one in a sense… but with all that we’ve been through with Amelia in the last few weeks, this feels like big progress!

And may this be a lesson to me to never feel anything is too silly to pray about!  God cares about every area of our lives and of the lives of our precious children He gives us!:)

No more “lock mouth!”  She’s openning up, ready for a bite!

And she helps me put the spoon in her mouth!  I rejoiced!:)

We’re both happy…feeding time is looking up!

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13 Responses to Square One

  1. Shirley Rose says:

    This is just a thought and maybe this is what you do but do you try feeding her before is gets her formula. Sounds like she likes your game.

  2. Megha says:

    Yay Amelia! So true that God hears us and cares about our every need!

  3. Becca K. says:

    Sweet girl and sweet mommy caring so much about every detail. Asa had not started solids until 7 months when he fell completely off any curve and our ped said we needed to get more calories into him (along with more nursing) while we got to the bottom of his failure to thrive issues. He had NO interest whatsoever. I remember the panicky feeling of NEEEEEDING him to eat more and not having any idea how to convince him. Lots of prayers going up at our house, too!! Praising God for Amelia’s cereal today and sweet smile, too. :) And still praying for you all!

  4. Bonnnie says:

    Love the photo of her smiling happily WHILE EATING! Way to go! Yay Amelia, Yay Susanna, YAY GOD!!!

  5. Adrienne says:

    That is so encouraging! I’m so glad to hear that she is starting to take interest again. I know how frustrating it can be. Not that Greta had weight issues, but she refused solids until she was over 8 months old. Your patience will pay off!

  6. Grace says:

    So glad to hear she is eating better!

  7. Franci says:

    That’s GREAT news! Keep up the good work, Susanna!

  8. YAY! That is no small progress, with where she has come from. What a big cause for celebration!

  9. This is awesome Susanna! She looks so happy about eating!!

  10. Micah Green says:

    That is great to hear! We’re continuing to pray for Amelia’s continued growth and development! We’re praying for her Mommy and Daddy too!

  11. Laura B says:

    Great News! With my son I would try feeding him a little while before the feed was due to start. It’s stressful business but it will pay off. I was also told, by multiple docs, that the tube can make swallowing uncomfortable for the little one. So many challenges….Again, if there is anything I can help with please ask. Have you considered using Pediasure to up the calories? My ped and GI doc both advised me to try this. We are still doing that with cereal once a day for cals and nutrition. Milk/water the rest of the time. I am rambling but wanted you to know I think of you and your special girl every day. Hang in there. :-)


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