Early Intervention

Next week, several Early Intervention therapists are going to come over and assess Amelia.  I can’t wait for them to come because I am so utterly confused at this point as to what is going on with our little girl.  On the bright side, she is gaining weight (we will find out exactly how much she is this week this afternoon at a weekly follow-up doctor’s appointment) and she is once again keeping her feedings down as she is over the tummy bug she had the first week after getting back from the hospital.  She is eating solids and seems to be gaining more oral ability with feeding.  She babbles her head off.  She smiles when smiled at.  She responds to her name.

But then her gross motor skills seem to be unreliable at best.  As I have stated in previous posts, she stopped rolling over all together for a few months and was not showing much interest in other movements.  Yet, she can sit well and can hold weight in the standing position.  It seemed after the hospital stay that she was regaining her ability to roll over…she did it a few times here and there.  But now, she is not rolling over anymore.  She can not bare much weight on her arms and tummy time makes her extremely tired.  If I leave her on her tummy for more than about ten or fifteen minutes, she just simply falls asleep.

The MRI she got at the hospital came back negative.  I think MRIs are usually able to detect disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy so we have no reason to believe she has cp or some other syndrome.  But yet, she exhibits tell tale signs and I just can not understand what is going on.  Everyone tells me she will catch up soon enough…it is just hard to know what to think!

Thankfully, as a parent, God has kept me from being one to get caught up in comparison games or feeling threatened by what such and such a baby is doing developmentally.  I think this has given me the ability to just take my children as they are and just let them develop as they will.  But, on the other hand, I have never really had to face one of my children seeming really behind before.  I must say that it is becoming harder and harder to see what Amelia is not able to achieve physically.  Not because of a competitive spirit but simply because I feel sad and worried.  I seek to live each day with trust in God and in His plan…I don’t want this time with Amelia to be debilitating…that wouldn’t achieve anything.  But it is an internal struggle for sure.

So, while Micah and Ellie are in Atlanta visiting grandparents and other family, so awesome to take them in and love on them, I am using this time alone with Amelia to the fullest, doing floor time as much as possible during the day.  A great resource I have found is called Pathways Awareness.  I have found many great videos on the Pathways site about tummy time exercises, etc.

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7 Responses to Early Intervention

  1. Susanna,

    you are handling everything so well. your beautiful girl seems to be growing and learning and it is so beautiful. we will continue to pray for all of you during this time.

  2. I will definitely be praying that by the time the kids come home, you will be focused in your treatment of her. That would be a huge relief, to know where you are headed with her. Call this afternoon, if you can. I tried yesterday, but thought you might have been busy!

    Love you and praying for awareness and understanding of Amelia.

  3. Christy says:

    Praying for you guys Susanna. This must be very difficult for you and we pray that the therapists who come will have clarity and understanding of Amelia’s health. Lots of love and big hugs from us!

  4. Franci says:

    She is so beautiful — I want to eat those little cheeks up! I hope the Early Intervention people can shed some light on all this.

    Oh, and I can’t WAIT to hang out with you guys again tomorrow night!

  5. bchallies says:

    We love, love you all and are praying!

  6. Anna says:

    What a sweet, beautiful little girl. I so admire your trust and tenacity that I’ve seen in your writing during this season. I know it must be so hard to see your baby struggling. Just prayed for you.

  7. Grace says:

    But she is sitting! What a blessing! I’ll just keep praying for her…that if there is something it’ll be discovered. Love you.

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