No Name Face


Yesterday on the way home from the doctor’s office, I ran into an quaint little toy store called Acorn and saw a face I knew I recognized.  A woman leaning over to look at some things but even with her long, brown hair in her face, I saw a little bit of my niece Abby and a lot of an actress I love but could not think of her name.  And then her young daughter made a loud squawking sound and she looked at me and said something funny and then I knew!  It was an actress and I suddenly got pathetically tongue-tied. 

We looked at each other and I kept stuttering,

“Are you?   Are you?  Aren’t you an…”

“An actress?”  she finished.

“Yes!”  I said.  “I love all your movies! No, I’m not just saying that.  I do!”

“Thanks so much,” she said, and then that was it. 

She obviously did not want to have anything else to do with me.  As soon as I recognized her, I could tell she was turned off from wanting to interact.  I silently berated myself for not keeping my recognition to myself.  Perhaps I could have had a real conversation with this woman…found out a little about her adorable little girl.  But I recognized her face and that was it.  My response was so automatic that I had no time to stop myself.

So, I learned something yesterday.  I think perhaps actors want to remain no name faces as much as possible.  They don’t want to be recognized.  They just want to have normal interactions like everyone else, go on normal outings and do not constantly want to be “that actor.” 

Sorry Emily Mortimer!  I am grateful I stumbled across you though of all actresses because your movies are amazing and you are truly a gifted actress.  Lars and the Real Girl, Notting Hill, Transsiberian…any movie I’ve seen you in has always been a favorite!  You always play the sweet, kind girl and I love that!



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5 Responses to No Name Face

  1. Jody says:

    HI Susanna,
    Nice to see you again. I followed your blog for awhile, then for some reason, stopped. Anyway, I am doing the same January ’11 Reflections project. Have been following your posts on your daughter also. Praying God is glorified as you pilgrim through this time in your life.

  2. Grace says:

    That’s pretty cool! So you finally spotted a celebrity:)

  3. Susanna says:


    I’m glad you made your way back to my blog and am grateful for your prayers about our Amelia!


    It was fun…my only disapointment is that when I mention this story to other people, they don’t know who she is!;) Her movies are usually a little more obscure but she is a very talented actress…much better than the Angelina Jolies, etc…

  4. i know EXACTLY who she is and was telling Pat this story over dinner. And went to comment and post GONE! Very neat. I can imagine when being on-screen for a living, the off-screen anonymity would become really important.

  5. bchallies says:

    Interesting….Makes sense,…

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