Break from the Ordinary

Sometimes there is nothing quite like relaxing around a table with friends, drinking tea and eating scones!  Especially since we have had to stay inside so much lately with Amelia but last Friday, I packed up her feeding supplies and she and I met up with some friends from church at Alice’s Tea Cup, a tea room in Manhattan.  A quaint, whimsical place that is perfect for adults and children a like!  Fairy wings adorn the walls and ceilings.  Elegant fine china is set on the tables.  It is a place far away from the New York City ordinary and I love it!  After eating a curry chicken sandwich, I had the most amazing scone ever…a banana nutella scone!  Yum is all I can say!


Julie, our sweet pastor’s wife, with Amelia

Amelia was such a cheerful little soul and enjoyed getting out as much as I did!

My friend Franci came with her two adorable daughter’s Marica (above) and Esther

Two incredible moms and mentors:  Julie and Naomi

Shannon (Julie’s older daughter), Naomi’s daughter, Julie, Naomi and Marica


(New York friends…let me know if you ever want to meet up at Alice’s!  It has become one of my new favorite places so I’ll always be game!;)

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7 Responses to Break from the Ordinary

  1. Grace says:

    How fun! next time we visit we’ll have to go there! So glad you were able to get out. Love you.

  2. bchallies says:

    What a beautiful spot! Amelia looks bright and happy….Mom

  3. Mom R. says:

    How fun! Glad you were able to do that.

  4. I am so incredibly thankful you re able to make up for some lost time this week. And even put time into relationships that have not had much time to be grown lately. Makes me so happy for you! We are well here. Micah not such a fan of the calzone for dinner. His face was a wondrous thing to behold as he took that second bite:). He is doing well, and desperately wants to be in the backyard…so hoping tomorrow it is not so rainy!

    Love you!

  5. Jody says:

    Planning a trip to the windy city in a year and a half for my 50th birthday celebration. Planning now because my mom and sisters who live in Iowa want to go with me. Anyway, we may have to look up Alices. Looks like you had a great time. My husband is a pastor. We were in Kingston New York for 7 years and have been here in LaFayette now for 8. Love New York.

  6. I love that tea room! It looks beautiful. I love the butterfly wings.

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