Therapy & Another Hospital Visit

I miss seeing this pretty little face uncovered by tubing and tape!  Alas, it was only for a short time!


Yesterday Amelia decided she wanted to go back to the hospital for a visit…or perhaps she missed seeing her pretty little face in all its glory, apart from the tube.  She somehow was able to get her hand in the part near her nose and yanked the tube right out! So we went back to the pediatric ward and they put it back in.   My poor little girl was screaming and crying but was back to her plucky, resilient self a few seconds later, all discomfort forgotten.

We also saw three early intervention therapists yesterday, two physical therapists and a feeding therapist.  They spent about an hour assessing Amelia and all had no doubts she is in need of therapy.  Since early intervention is free, I say bring it on and we will gratefully accept any help they can offer us!

Their basic assessment was that (no surprise to us) she shows oral (feeding) and motor delays.  They noted that when given age appropriate finger foods such as a cheerio, she has a lot of trouble grasping it, bringing it to her mouth and then once in her mouth, knowing what to do with it.  When on the floor sitting or doing tummy time, they felt she is too weak in the trunk and stomach. This would be a big reason for her inability to roll over easily or do much activity on her tummy.

They got a good show from Amelia though!  She rolled over a good four or five times while they were watching her and was doing things I never see her do!  Funny girl…she knew she had to put in a good performance I guess!:)

And so, tube back in place and therapy beginning with in the next few weeks,life goes on with our youngest and in two days, we will have Micah and Ellie back with us again, home from Atlanta!  This mama can’t wait!


Doing floor time while the therapists do their assessments…she was putting in a grand performance!

Dinner last night.  I was so tired after getting back from the hospital that I made a trusty meal…In fact, I could probably make this lentil soup in my sleep!  It’s been my favorite for about three years now.  It’s yummy, hearty and healthy and with a pumpkin ciabatta bun from Trader Joe’s, it’s perfect!:)

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10 Responses to Therapy & Another Hospital Visit

  1. Christy says:

    So glad the therapists can help Amelia! Will continue to pray for her (and you!).

  2. Mom R. says:

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like she’s moving along nicely! Cute pictures.

  3. Jody says:

    The soup and bread look very good and comforting! Thanking God with you that there is such a thing as early intervention, best part, is that it is free!

  4. Franci Hoyt says:

    So glad you got to see the early intervention people! I hope they can start therapy soon and that Amelia will keep ‘performing’! :-)

    Btw, I reckon you need to share that lentil soup recipe!

  5. So glad you are receiving this help! Can you go to the therapist’s while Micah is at school? Or do they come to you? She looks really great, though. Like she is gaining weight. She has good color to her face too. So thankful to have the kids here, so you could be there, fully engaged in helping Amelia thrive.

  6. Grace says:

    Glad you can get that help. She is so, so precious! That food looks delicious.

  7. bchallies says:

    Early intervention is free!!! Wow! Keep us posted !

  8. Susanna says:


    They will come to us so it is perfect! Free and in-home…can’t get better than that!:)

  9. Kim Vinson says:

    I’m glad you guys have had this special time with Amelia this week and how amazing that your early invention is free. What a blessing. I hope she continues to improve and enjoy it. Hey- that soup sounds yummy. Can you post the recipe? I haven’t made lentil soup in at least a year.

  10. Rick says:

    Well “free” in that all of you working middle class are paying for it through taxes. So thanks everyone! =)

    I’ll vouch for the soup, yummy!

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