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The Nest

I recently read a story of an empty nester whose daughter had a mental breakdown soon after giving birth to her son.  Where was the little boy going to go?  He couldn’t live with a mom who was more into … Continue reading

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  Jesus gave me everything.  He gave me an abiding hope and confidence that there is a reason and purpose to everything in our time on this earth.  He made me a new person.  Not even the most godly of parents could … Continue reading

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Pyromaniac Meets Kitchen

According to Wikipedia, pyromania is an impulse to deliberately start fires to relieve tension and typically includes feelings of gratification or relief afterward.  Well, though I may not have intentionally tried to burn our apartment down Saturday night (and fires may … Continue reading

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The TSA is an anti-liberty risk

Let everyone be warned, I am a TSA security risk. A recent CNN article title tells the story: TSA Security looks at people… who complain about TSA security, I’m inclined to do some complaining of my own. First of all, … Continue reading

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Girls and Clothes

Yesterday Ellie was able to have the desires of her little heart granted by getting a ballerina skirt (or “neena” skirt in her words)! She’s seen them in store after store and asked me for one but they’re usually expensive and I simply can not … Continue reading

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