Girls and Clothes

Yesterday Ellie was able to have the desires of her little heart granted by getting a ballerina skirt (or “neena” skirt in her words)! She’s seen them in store after store and asked me for one but they’re usually expensive and I simply can not justify the purchase.  But, when I saw one for $7 at Old Navy, I relented.  I don’t think I was going to find a better price in these parts and you just can’t deny a two year old her neena cravings forever…

I’ve seen interesting changes in my two year old lately, one of them being an interest in clothing.  On a few recent outings hunting for spring/summer clothing bargains, Amelia sleeping away in the stroller or baby carrier, Ellie has very nicely picked out certain items she likes, mostly skirts.  Frilly, knee length skirts!  I’m not typically a push over with my children. My problem is that she asks so sweetly and behaves so well on our expeditions that I want to cave.   She got a $4 navy blue skirt at Target last week.  It was the first clothing item she specifically picked out herself and it showed to me her little individual taste blossoming…it was an interesting first and I let her celebrate it.  I could forgo a latte at Starbucks and get her a skirt for the same price I reckoned.  There’s a mother’s justification for you.

Yet I do not wish to raise a little Suri Cruise who apparently possesses the ability at four years of age to command her ginormous, uber stylish wardrobe.  I know I’ll need to be careful!  

No more skirts for a while, okay dear girl?;)


 A sticker for going potty.  Ugh…potty…that’s another story altogether!:)



 The skirt…

See it peeking out from under her dress?  She wore it out of the store!:)


* * * * *

And a quick Amelia update:

She’s active, active, active!  Our teeny tiny wants to be down on the floor now all the time and can move around a bit by pivoting while sitting.  She’s learning new tricks to compensate for the fact that she does not crawl yet BUT I see crawling on the horizon now!  A month or two ago, I felt it was hopeless but she is doing the preliminary steps now which is so exciting!  She ate mango last night for the first time and loved it, eating bite after bite.  The first time she has eaten solids well in a long time.  I felt so happy the rest of the night! 

And…she’s turning 1 on Sunday!  Crazy!  I’m want to make her a flower shaped cake because to me, with the issues we have faced, she is like a delicate, blooming flower. 

 A few nibbles on a Ritz cracker.



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6 Responses to Girls and Clothes

  1. Oh, I am so happy to hear about Amelia’s progress! She is so covered in prayer by all of her unofficial cheer-leading squad:).

    I think shopping with daughters is very fun. And as long as it is moderate, why not? They need clothing, you need clothing. It’s a natural interest that can be a fun day out together. Even if nothing is bought, simply looking together can be enjoyable!

  2. Grace says:

    Ellie is just beautiful. Love her hair. So happy to hear of Amelia’s progress. Praise God. She looks beautiful as well…I have her gift and am going to send…let’s just same Auntie Grace went a little crazy because I felt like she needed an extra special birthday gift with all she’s been through! Love you all!

  3. Adrienne says:

    It’s so good to hear some updates from you! I cannot believe how much Ellie has changed! She is looking less like a toddler and more like a little girl. Very adorable. I can see why it’s hard to resist that face. Amelia is looking so healthy too. I am so happy that she is progressing well. Little girls are so much fun.

  4. bchallies says:

    What fun to go “shopping with your daughter” for the first time! I love the length of her hair!…And SO happy about Amelia’s progress…Love you all! Mom

  5. Kim Vinson says:

    Such precious little girls. Awe- I’m excited for Amelia’s birthday and her new developments. Great idea for the cake! How sweet. Yes, the clothes picking can be good and bad. Rachel and Josh are quite opinionated too. I love how Ellie wanted to wear it out of the store. LOL!

  6. Sweet pictures of both girls. So glad that Amelia’s making some significant progress. Looks like Ellie had fun shopping!

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