The TSA is an anti-liberty risk

Let everyone be warned, I am a TSA security risk. A recent CNN article title tells the story: TSA Security looks at people… who complain about TSA security, I’m inclined to do some complaining of my own.

First of all, is anyone asking if we need the TSA? within the CNN article we find this quote:

“Experts agree that the fact that there is an extremely small number of terrorists makes it hard to evaluate the effectiveness”

Shouldn’t the experts agree that the extremely small number of terrorists makes it unnecessary and a complete waste of money? But instead:

“TSA is expected to spend a total of $1.2 billion on the program over the next five years”

So what is our return on this investment?

The Accountability Office said it looked at 23 occasions in which 16 individuals — people later charged with terrorism-related activities — passed through high-threat airports. None is known to have been identified.

But that’s ok because they have a new goal in mind. I am sure we will all be shocked to learn that the government, having legitimized a takeover under the guise of our own security has now turned that power against the general public looking for “possible criminals”

“In recent years, the TSA has also expanded the scope of the program. Originally intended to look only for suspected terrorists, the program now also seeks to ferret out possible criminals in airports.”

And it turns out they are really good at this.

“in a recent test comparing behavior detection officers to random screening procedures, the officers were 50 times more likely to refer people they checked to local law enforcement”

…that is, as long as success is defined not by finding actual criminals but simply referring citizens for investigation by expanding the list of qualifying identifiers you look for and then claiming success when, surprise, you do refer more people. If we include “people wearing blue” just think of the potential success rate we could achieve! And nevermind that we didn’t have probable cause to investigate in the first place.

But don’t you dare express criticism or question the TSA over any of this. Criticism of the TSA is now grounds for being tagged a security risk. The ACLU responds well saying:

“Expressing your contempt about airport procedures — that’s a First Amendment-protected right,” said Michael German, a former FBI agent who now works as legal counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. “We all have the right to express our views, and particularly in a situation where the government is demanding the ability to search you.”

“It’s circular reasoning where, you know, I’m going to ask someone to surrender their rights; if they refuse, that’s evidence that I need to take their rights away from them. And it’s simply inappropriate,” he said.

So I’m going to do my part to increase those success rates and give them another positive ID of a security risk by herein logging my complaint – I for one am disgusted at the TSA. I’ll take my chances with the terrorists – who will save us from our government?

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4 Responses to The TSA is an anti-liberty risk

  1. Mark says:

    Don’t put up with this unconstitutional garbage! It’s all worthless security theater that does nothing to keep you “safe”. Boycott Flying ENTIRELY until sanity returns! Please join us on Facebook:

  2. jchallies says:

    The TSA approach is the classic communist tactic of bullying the population into submission by threatening their personal rights and then accusing them of terrorism when they object.

  3. bchallies says:

    Wickedness and insanity!

  4. Chris Waner says:

    This is only the beginning. Although the TSA seems synonymous with air travel, in one sweep our brilliant House of Representatives put the TSA in charge of highways, railroads, buses, mass transit systems, pipelines, and ports. The policy men behind Homeland Security, the TSA, the Patriot Act and the like are all the intellectual progeny of Leo Strauss–to maintain control, you must maintain fear; to maintain fear, you must have an enemy to fear; indeed, even the myth of an invented enemy will do.

    To live without fear is to live free.

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