Jesus gave me everything.  He gave me an abiding hope and confidence that there is a reason and purpose to everything in our time on this earth.  He made me a new person.  Not even the most godly of parents could save me from what I had to be saved from:  my sin.  MY SIN…my lies little and big, my hatred, my jealousy, my ungratefulness, my lusts of the flesh, my failures to love.

I think about 28 years of living and the one constant is that everything has been directed and orchestrated by my savior who didn’t think He was too good to become the lowest of the low for humanity.  Who never actually wore the royal crown that is His but did wear thorns.  The God-man who was told by His father, “This is my son in whom I am well pleased” and then that same Father had to forsake Him for one agonizing moment while Jesus felt all of hell on His shoulders as He carried our sin.  As He bore murder, envy, adultery, lust, dishonesty, pornography, anger, hatred, addiction…

He felt hell so that we don’t have to.  He said, “It is finished” so that we can truly begin.  I am but a poor reflection of His perfect righteousness but yet, Jesus lives inside me.  God gave us His son so that we could become His sons and daughters.  I have a father who I have yet to see face to face…I have a king whom I have yet to fall on my face before His glory…I have a shepherd whose love I feel surrounding me…I have a maker whose hand I see in complete control of every aspect of my life.  My life that matters little to many but matters infinitely to Him.

Everything matters because of Him.  Everything becomes beautiful because of Him.  The cross is empty.  The tomb is empty.  But the throne is occupied and He is right where He has and always will be…reigning as king.

Jesus, You are my life!  Thank you for forgiving me and leading me to salvation!

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5 Responses to Everything

  1. Megha says:

    What a beautiful reminder! A happy and blessed Easter to you all!

  2. Beautiful words. Thankful for the weekend each year, to remind and to reflect.

  3. Grace says:

    Well written…very true. Happy Easter…or resurrection Sunday:)

  4. Johannah says:

    Thank you Sus.
    Love, Jo

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