A Liddell Inheritance

Lately Micah wants to run and run.  One of his favorite lines is, “I’ll race you!”  I give him an extra boost of confidence by always letting him beat me (yes, someday when he really is faster than me, I’ll have to admit to him that I gave him the victory every time!;)  On a dinner break stop in Virginia on our way home from Atlanta, he met a boy named Bubba and the first thing they did was…race!  They raced about ten times and that was their initiation into their short-lived friendship before we got back in the car bound for New York.

I am more than happy to encourage this love of running in Micah as running was one of my biggest passions as a teenager and it is one of those sports you can do anytime, any place, anywhere.  It makes you feel tough and proud cause, like a shirt of mine said in highschool, “Our sport is your sport’s punishment.”   You can’t help but feel strong with that on your shirt!

While at a homeschooling conference in Atlanta this past week, I found a treasure and a hero to impart to Micah.  I found a children’s book about Eric Liddell, Olympic gold runner turned missionary to China…a man who gave his all whether running or spreading the love of Christ wherever he went.  Watching “Chariots of Fire” is what got me into running…I put some old running shoes on at 13 years of age immediately after watching the movie and never looked back.  “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure” stayed imprinted on my mind.  There were few Christian heroes who touched me more than his story. 

So I’m passing his story onto Micah just as, I realize, my parents passed it onto me…an inheritance worth more than all the riches this world has to offer is the inheritance of learning about great men and women of the faith.  I pray that he will find his own heroes to be encouraged by and to emulate but I also pray I can impart some of my own as well.  Eric Liddell lived for God and died for his faith in a prison camp, faithful to the end. 

This life is a race and we are all runners in a figurative sense whether we don running shoes and hit the pavement or not and so, whether Micah decides long term that running is a passion or whether he chooses something else, I figure this book can be a blessing regardless!

Here is a link to all the YWAM Heros for Young Children series.  We bought five and I hope to buy all of them!


P.S.  I couldn’t help myself with the title of this post!:)

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5 Responses to A Liddell Inheritance

  1. Grace says:

    How precious! Bubba? was that really the kids name? :) Hope he enjoys the story of Eric Liddell as much as you always have!

  2. j challies says:

    I think reading children biographies of godly christian men and women can be a very effective tool for teaching them how God really exists and interacts with fellow humans.Glad you returned safely to NYC after that gruelling trip.

    Love Dad

  3. bchallies says:

    Nothing better than well-chosen non-fiction of all types for kids! Glad you found it….and love the photo of the little hands, intertwined….mom

  4. I was really glad you could get to that conference and spend some time learning and listening. Those series are great! We have several of the condensed missional stories for the kids, and they are great brain food for me as well:). Hope your weekend goes well!

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