Day 1: Moving Mountains

Anyone remember that song from several years ago by Nicole C. Mullen’s, “Call on Jesus?”   

“When I call on Jesus, all things are possible!  I can mount on wings like eagles and soar!  When I call on Jesus, mountains are gonna fall, cause he’ll move heaven and earth to come rescue me when I call!”

Well, our faith is already being tested and the mountain seems like Everest.  First day and we’re already frustrated…oh we of little faith!  Amelia put up a fight today both with food and with the bottle and though I feel certain we did our absolute best and made every effort to get her eating, not much actually got down her throat and into her little tummy.  As any one knows who has dealt with a child who has feeding issues for any length of time, it is a confusing, hard to define battle but an all consuming battle all the same!  There are no easy fixes and unfortunately, it is not simply a question of finding just the right food. 

Rick and I drowned our sorrows by eating the way she did not…my sweet hubby went to the Chocolate Room after dinner and brought us both back brownies with ice cream on top!  At least some people in the house gained some considerable calories!

Anyways, our main prayer requests going forward continue to remain basically the same:

1.  she would more consistently accept food.

2.  she would learn how to swallow.  This seemed to be improving but has become a problem again. 

3.  She would stop using her thumb as a wedge between her mouth and food.  The Occupational Therapist had an interesting observation today…she said Amelia may be sucking her thumb between bites in an attempt to swallow.  So therefore, it may not be the inherent stubborn action I had assumed it was.  Though it is still a counter productive activity we need to change, it is interesting to think she might be doing it to achieve the act of swallowing more easily.  Poor girl! 

4.  Rick and I would be an example to our kids of unwavering faith despite circumstances.  That we would trust God’s goodness and plan no matter what His will is and that we would not utter foolish ventings such as, “it is hopeless” or “nothing is going to change.”   

Something I’ve realized:  I feel like God is shifting my priorities and showing me that a lot of shallow things I have held as important are not important.  And He’s showing me the incredible joy of each new thing both “great” and “small” that our little girl achieves.  If there is one thing I can encourage other parents out there to grasp, it is to bask in the utter significance of each new milestone and to see it as a display of an incredible work going on inside your child’s mind, heart and brain!  Some children will take months or years to master things it takes the average child mere days or weeks to grasp and when that developmentally delayed child reaches a new achievement, it is as though even the angels in heaven celebrate.  Development is a wonder and something we should not take for granted as it is all a picture of our maker’s master plan for each of His created works of art!

So onward into a new day!  I have been finding helpful tips from Youtube videos featuring feeding therapy sessions and am expecting a day of God’s goodness and faithfulness no matter what!  And that is always enough!


Reminder:  “God’s purpose is higher than my purpose, His ways are higher than my ways.” – Charles F. Stanley, from his sermon series Praying in a Crisis.

(I attended First Baptist Church Atlanta for a few years way back and Stanley’s preaching always touched me).


Blessings all!  We have been amazed…completely blessed and amazed…by the desire of so many to pray for Amelia!  It has challenged Rick and I in our desire to pray for others.  Thank you and we will keep updating!

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8 Responses to Day 1: Moving Mountains

  1. Megha says:

    Ari and I are praying everytime we eat, that dear Amelia will do the same! I can’t pretend to know what you are going through – but your sweet little girl has captured our hearts and we continue to lift up all of you!

  2. Praying you on!!! Please continue to post her progress. Your progress. Expecting God’s goodness along with you…

  3. Grace says:

    Have been praying all day. Love you all so much and am hoping that you make progress!

  4. Susanna says:

    Thank you Megha…I am SO touched by your care and concern and prayers…you are such an encouragement in our lives!

    Sisters…thank you both! I love you both so much and thank God for your strong faith and love for your little niece!!

  5. So sorry for your discouragement yesterday. Praying for little Amelia and that God will sustain you and Rick!

  6. You have probably already tried these things but I had to mention this.
    With Ethan sometimes just letting him play with the food, touching it, mashing it ALL over the tray and between his hands would get him to lick his hand (palm and all :) ). We would just place a spoonful of baby food on his tray and let him play with it. Every little lick was our little victory and we would celebrate it with lots of praise and applause for him.
    We normally did that while we sat down to have our own dinner which was normally immediately after feeding the two of them.

  7. Melissa says:

    I’m sure you’ve thought of this too, Susanna, or someone has. Does she have sensory issues? I’ve been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and some of it involves the lips/mouth. I usually drink warm water with each meal, which most find odd. (Except in the summer when I’m hot, then ice water.) Anyway, maybe try all sorts of different temperatures of food/drink, different materials for utensils (plastic, metal – metal feels colder) and different textures of food and different sized pieces. Even maybe what she is eating off of and its material (plate? bowl?). Just some random thoughts from someone with some pretty wacky sensory issues! Praying for you!

  8. Adrienne says:

    It’s great to hear updates, even when they are not necessarily positive because it helps me know what to pray for. Amelia has been on my mind all day today. We’ll keep praying!

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