G.I. Visit & Ikea

Micah’s sweet dreams at Ikea:)

We took Amelia back to the G.I. Doctor to see what he thought at the end of the 10 days he had suggested.  It was a strange visit to say the least and he really didn’t say too much and definitely did not show any excitement about Amelia’s progress.   The good thing is that he did not try to push the G-tube on us, the bad thing is that he did not have any thoughts at all so we are just going to go on doing what we are doing, increasing the amount on intake as Amelia gets faster with her feedings…and just TRUST.  Trust in God’s care and that He has entrusted Amelia to us and we are totally equipped to take care of her with Him as our strength and guide.

He did mention that the upper G.I. Series Amelia had done a few weeks ago showed she has reflux but throwing up after her feedings really has not been an over all problem with her.  I don’t think she has thrown up a feeding once in the last month.   So even though we will give her the medication prescribed for reflux, it seems doubtful this will bring about much change.

On a better note, Rick took the day off from work yesterday so that we could go to the appointment together.  He was, as always, the devoted dad while he had the chance to be with the kids more…he read them stories in the backyard, played with them and just took advantage of the time he had at home. 

Last night, we went to Ikea and not only did we enjoy walking the place for a few hours but we also bought a NEW COUCH!  A leather couch we’ve been eyeing for a while now since our friends the Hoyts bought the same one several months ago.  This is only the second piece of furniture we have ever bought for ourselves so it is exciting!  It was also a night where we could celebrate all the blessings God has brought about this past week and a half. 

The awesome sippy cup…

The new couch…I LOVE it!

Thank you to our neighbors the Fredericks who ALWAYS let us borrow their car!  They are SO generous!:)

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12 Responses to G.I. Visit & Ikea

  1. bchallies says:

    As always, love the photos of the children, but am so glad you also included a picture of the sofa…Looks great!…Praying for you all….Love, Mom

  2. Grace says:

    WOHOO! Great news about sweet Amelia. So thankful you had a good day yesterday and please…TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR NEW COUCH IN THE LIVING ROOM!

  3. Vanessa says:

    As Amelia has been coming to mind I have been keeping her in prayer and have been following the updates closely! On an encouraging note, we had weight gain issues with Henry the first few months of his life and he was ALSO diagnosed with reflux even though he rarely spit up. However, the medication made a HUGE difference in how much he could consume!! Henry was later diagnosed with laryngomalcia (you can read about it if you’re interested: http://nestwithaview.blogspot.com/2008/10/gods-grace.html ), which is clearly different from Amelia’s issues — but as soon as we started reflux meds. he ate a million times better AND started to pack on the weight.

    Whether it works like this for Amelia or not, you can be so blessed to look back on these 10 days and see God’s faithfulness to your delicious little girly.

    A sister,

  4. Glad you could get out and eat dinner. And o buy something new. Warn your children not to carve their intials into it. As mine is artfully monogrammed. Sigh.

  5. Susanna says:

    Thank you Vanessa! That is so interesting that the medication made a huge impact on Henry’s weight despite the fact that he was not throwing up a lot! I will definitely be interested in seeing if it makes a huge impact in Amelia’s weight as well!

  6. Alli Folger says:

    Hi Susanna,
    I came across your blog because my husband frequents your brothers blog regulary. We have a 17 month old son with whom we’ve had similar problems with eating. The doctors wanted to put him on a tube at one point. This has been a huge challenge for us to understand and a daily struggle to get him to eat. We live in Cleveland and take him to a feeding clinic there. My husband and I are both Christians and this is our first child. What a huge test of faith this has been! But similar to what you mentioned in your post, God is good and we have seen spurts or improvement. I would love to talk with you sometime. Maybe we can be a support to one another.

  7. Susanna says:


    Thank you for for your comment and writing about your son! We can DEFINITELY be a support to one another…there is nothing like being able to talk/write to other people going through similar circumstances! I cannot imagine going through this with our first born…it has been hard enough with our third but at least we are a little more “broken in” now!

    Blessings to you, your husband and your little boy! May he come to thrive!!:)

  8. jchallies says:

    Amelia looks really healthy and happy. Glad you had fun at Ikea. The couch looks sharp. My secret dream is to have a leather chair in dark brwon leather. Trust you are enjoying the long weekend. It is 92 here today.


  9. Congrats on buying the new couch! Such an exciting purchase! Leather is so nice for cleaning. We have one and we love the leather :)

  10. Micah Green says:

    Beautiful pictures of Amelia (and the other kids too, of course)! Continuing to pray for her! I love the couch-we have been talking about getting one from Ikea as well…so, theoretically, do you think that box would have fit inside the (CR-V?) if the back seats were removed?

  11. Susanna says:


    Thank you for your continued prayers and good question about the couch fitting! I’ll ask Rick and let him get back to you!!!!:)

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