Truth in the Cookie Jar

This morning Micah did the stereo typical kid thing and attempted to steal a cookie.  The scenario looked like this…I told Micah and Ellie we were going to sit down and read a book together and said they could each have a cookie while we read.  Before reading, I quickly put Amelia down for her morning nap and when I got back to the kitchen, Micah asked if he could have two cookies instead and so I said fine.  Two cookies each.

As I’m reading, I see him eat one cookie, then two, and then suddenly, a third cookie mysteriously appears in front of him.  He says that it is just his second one but unfortunately for him, mom’s have eyes on the front, back and sides of their heads so anyways, I called him on his fib and thankfully, the chapter we read out of Susan Hunt’s book, “Big Truths for Little Kids” dealt exactly with the issue of lying.  So then and there, we were able to discuss lying as it applied not only to Micah but also to Daniel, the little boy in the book.  Micah was reminded that not only does God see everything we do but when we lie or commit any other sin, we need to confess it to God, ask for His forgiveness and then ask for the forgiveness of the person(s) we wronged.  And I was quick to make it clear to him that this is NO less true for me then for him…I need to do this too.  We want our house to be a house where truth prevails.  That will mean a lot of confessing but that is what truth is all about in a sinful world.

I love those moments when the sin of our children is made into a beautiful experience to learn more about God.   This is when I know that I can give my children more than just “that was wrong” or “that was right.”  They need the substance and truth of the gospel practically applied whenever possible. I pray I can be better in taking advantage of these opportunities!

Sunday morning, before church…


Little Miss Mischief…


Backyard fun with friends…




And, because a few of your asked, here are some pictures of our new couch in our living room…I am so happy with it!:)

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9 Responses to Truth in the Cookie Jar

  1. Adrienne says:

    Awww. They look so sweet together! I love how your couch looks in your living room. Perfect!

  2. jchallies says:

    I love the photographs. Ellie looks really healthy and happy. That was a creative way to deal with Micah. The couch looks bery suave. I’ll have to bring some magic markers and draw allm over it.


  3. Or Dad could carve into it- even better!

    It looks beautiful. It’s nice to have something new, isn’t it?

  4. Love the couch!! I love when life’s lessons just happen. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Grace says:

    Love that you were able to talk to Micah and that is just happened to be the lesson in your book! I just love all the pictures and it makes me so happy to see Amelia without her feeding tube with a big happy grin on her face! The couch is awesome and where did you get those pillows?

  6. Mom R. says:

    Great lesson, love the pictures, couch looks great!

  7. Love the photos of little guys…Thanks for the sofa in situ!

  8. Jo says:

    Love the couch! . . . But can two people sleep on it?

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