Half Marathon Training


I jump and then plan.  I sign up for a half marathon because I want to be forced into running more regularly by a pressure bigger than my will can often overcome.  I’ve been an off and on runner for far too long so, over a month ago, I signed up for the Queen’s half marathon which I will run Saturday, July 30th.  Yes, in the heat of the summer.  13.1 miles.  Have I run 13.1 miles before?  No.  But I am trying to get out running as many mornings as possible and using Saturday mornings to run as much distance as possible.  I’m also planning to run a 10k race at the end of June to gage where I’m at physically.

I suppose I’m relying a lot on good genes from my dad’s side of the family as well as the knowledge that I know from past competitive running that my body has good stamina for long distances.  So, that combined with the crowds and the electricity of a race will, Lord willing, be enough for me to be able to cross the finish line.  Finishing is my goal.  I really don’t care how long it takes me…I just want to finish and know that I did my best.

But, I could use tips from those who have already run a half marathon such as:  Should I carry Energy gel packs?  What pace should I start out at and try to keep for most of the race? 

Happy Weekend!

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8 Responses to Half Marathon Training

  1. Grace says:

    You will be just fine…you’ve always been a great runner! A natural.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Oh, that’s so awesome. I love it when people set personal goals for themselves. I find it so inspiring. You go, Susanna!

  3. Tara Baker says:

    Susanna!! I remember our AHVS cross country days like they were yesterday! You are a fabulous runner with amazing genetics! I have done many half and full marathons, and my biggest piece of advice (as both a physio and a runner) is to pick a plan and follow it, especially with the gradual increase in milage. Be sure to allow yourself good recovery after the long run days, and don’t slack on the short faster ones. If you can run with a means to hydrate, then I totally suggest it while training, but the feed stations during races have always been enough for me (carrying things become a pain). Best of luck with the journey, I look forward to reading updates!!

  4. Susanna says:

    Thank you Tara! You’re so sweet! I have great memories from our AHVS running days as well! I will definitely let you know how it goes and really appreciate your advice! I am definitely trying to really give all I can in these last 7 or so weeks and will definitely let you know how it goes!!!

  5. bchallies says:

    Looking forward to seeing you run if all goes well

  6. so inspiring. I really want to run a 1/2. I can only crank out 3.5mi in this summer heat but I’m with you: it wouldn’t be about my time, i would just love to push myself with the endurance and finish! I wish I had good “runner” advice but I’m an amatuer. Can’t wait to read about how it went in july! Happy training!

  7. Beth says:

    Way to go! I did my first half last September after following Hal Higdon’s training plan. When training I would stash gatorade a little bit over half of the run, but they provided gatorade and water stations at the half I ran in Bar Harbor Maine so I didn’t carry any goo or blox etc.

  8. Susanna says:

    Thanks for the info Beth! I have had no clue what to expect so glad they provide sports drinks as well as water!:)

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