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Life & Unexpected Discoveries

I’m going on about five hours sleep today and it’s been a busy, educational day but I’m feeling more awake than I would have expected!  Sure, it’s probably the caffeine I’ve been pumping into my system but I think it … Continue reading

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My boy turns five today. Five is the age where my own memories become clear, and I realize the buffer given to parents to work out the kinks of parenting is over. The buffer of a few years to make … Continue reading

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Twenty Minutes

Two kids on scooters and then one tires and is in the stroller with Amelia while the other (Micah) keeps riding and asking me every few minutes how much further we have until we get to the bookstore.  We finally … Continue reading

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Kenneth Cole on Abortion

Recently, clothing designer Kenneth Cole compared a women’s right to have an abortion to a women’s right to choose the handbag of her choice. Not cool, not avant garde…just sick.

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13.1 & All Things Considered

Can I get away with saying that I had fun running 13.1 miles in the Queens half marathon on Saturday?  I didn’t think fun and half marathon could be used in the same sentence but there is something exhilarating about … Continue reading

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