Twenty Minutes

Two kids on scooters and then one tires and is in the stroller with Amelia while the other (Micah) keeps riding and asking me every few minutes how much further we have until we get to the bookstore.  We finally get to Barnes and Nobles and I quickly wonder if we’ve made a mistake as all three go different directions in the children’s section…I’m feeling a tad frazzled.  We go upstairs to sit in the cafe, Ellie carrying her treat book she earned a few weeks ago and I wonder how long we’ll last.  But the book is a charm…a Dora book with small, plastic figures to play with on the back page. Perfect!  We’re set!  Amelia plays with a straw, I read a magazine and sip a frappuccino and the kids play.   It lasted all of twenty minutes or so before I decided it was time to go while all was still smooth sailing but I’ll take twenty minutes anytime!

We get home, the girls go down for naps while Micah plays some PBS kids games and as I’m eating lunch, a small earthquake rocks New York City and my lunch rattles on the table while I sit in disbelief.  An earthquake in New York?  What a surprise!

And each day brings its own little adventures!

Micah copied this picture from a library book this morning while I was getting ready.  I love it!

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5 Responses to Twenty Minutes

  1. Twenty minutes of quiet is a GREAT gift!!! So glad for your trip out to the bookstore..

  2. Grace says:

    Glad you had a little time to do something you enjoy! What is it with Dora? Cora is obsessed.

  3. Megha says:

    I am impressed that you took all 3 to the bookstore! I don’t think mine would have behaved as well as yours did. Glad that it worked out! And yes, craziness with the earthquake today! Apparently it was felt in Georgia as well (though not by me).

  4. bchallies says:

    Your kids have a good life….LOVE Micah’s drawing!

  5. jchallies says:

    Tell Micah that his drawing is really well done.

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