Life & Unexpected Discoveries

I’m going on about five hours sleep today and it’s been a busy, educational day but I’m feeling more awake than I would have expected!  Sure, it’s probably the caffeine I’ve been pumping into my system but I think it is also this:  I have discovered a new passion.  It is, crazily enough, the Montessori approach to education.  Yesterday morning, I said I didn’t think I had any interest in Montessori but after a few hours of exploring the approach from different websites yesterday afternoon while the kids napped/had quiet time, I quite fell in love!

I think the Montessori approach will work especially well with Ellie.  Micah is more of a traditional learner, happy to pull out a work book and delve into various exercises with a gusto, but Ellie is going to be my more hands-on learner.  She’s got a shorter attention span with a passion for staying busy with her hands so anyways, to cut to the chase, I put together a Montessori-like working station today for fun using things  I already had around the house. I tried to make it as realistic as possible, even putting everything on a tray which apparently is very Montessori…organized and everything in it’s place.

The work station was a hit and even Micah liked it!  It was easy for him to figure out but still valuable exercises all the same!   Both kids can profit…Micah as a way to compliment the more classical education he will receive this year with our awesome “My Father’s World” curriculum and Ellie as a means to stay busy doing simple yet valuable activities that will stimulate her while also affording me the opportunity to hopefully give adequate concentration to Micah on his school days.

This is going to be an exciting, busy year full of new experiences for all of us, mom and kids.  I test my wings as mom/teacher and the kids as official homeschoolers. Micah is signed up for a multi-sport class and a children’s world drum class at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.  Ellie is signed up for ballet…with other activities during the week, I trust they will have adequate opportunities for social interaction.

And our first day of “official” school begins this Thursday!  I have to get a scroll prepared as a prop for Micah’s first bible lesson…I’m going to have to delve into my crafty side this year!  Time is flying…I will keep you posted on how our first day goes!:)

While driving around the Sleepy Hollow area Sunday, we came across some post-Hurricane Irene flooding!

A little Montessori inspired work station:

I’ve wanted the Jesus Storybook Bible for a while…the illustrations are the most beautiful I’ve seen in a children’s bible!

Ellie quickly caught on to the Montessori tray idea…she has begun putting everything on trays!:)

This is school, Goof ball Ellie style…

Amelia discovers herself while digging amongst the pots and Tupperware…

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9 Responses to Life & Unexpected Discoveries

  1. Sandy Rose says:

    Great ideas, Susanna! Loved reading about the fun and what everyone is doing. It sounds like an exciting year ahead. Enjoy!

  2. Grace says:

    So glad you are figuring out a system that works for you. Am excited to see how it continues to develop.

  3. bchallies says:

    Good for you! Lucky kids!

  4. Adrienne says:

    I’ve always found the Montessori approach fascinating! I’m so excited for you guys. It will be so fun to watch you on this journey. I love schooling of all kinds and I’m so excited that our children are entering this new and exciting phase of life.

  5. j challies says:

    Your thoughtful approach to educating the kids sounds exciting. I hope Day 1 goes smashinhly, as the Brits would say.

    You mentioned all the activities that you have Micah and Ellied enrolled in. It made me feel as if Rick is being left out. I think I could see Rick really blossoming if he were to enrol in ballet.


  6. Jo says:

    Yay! It starts! Keep sharing.
    Love you,

  7. I am so glad this approach is working for you! It really is fun to figure out “your style” with educating. And then you and the kids learn together…so fun! I LOVE Ellie’s shoes, and so glad they fit:)!! ps.s Ellie has become a knock-out!

  8. Colleen says:


    I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I think I initially found you through the Tim Challies site, which linked to happyhelms, which linked to you. :) Anyway, I am also just falling in love with Montessori style education very recently, and pondering homeschooling for my 2.5 year old, who is very hands-on and busy. And we are also huge fans of the Storybook Bible. So, I had to write and tell you what kindred spirits we must be. :)

    Did you know there are a few videos of Jesus Storybook Bible stories on YouTube? They are very tasteful.

    Looking forward to seeing your workspace and Montessori triumphs!

    Thankful that God is glorified firstly in your family.

    A reader,

  9. I love the picture of Ellie with crayons up her nose!!! Ahahahahahahahaaha!

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