First Ballet Class

I remember my first ballet class as I watch Ellie excitedly dancing around the room before more students come and her class begins.  My teacher was Mrs. Love and she had at one time taught Karen Kain, one of Canada’s most well-known ballet dancers.  I didn’t continue long in dance but I was blessed to have an excellent teacher.  Now my little girl has the chance to get her feet wet in the most popular of little girl activities which, to them at this age, is all about feeling like a princess.   Whether she’ll be like me and enjoy it for a few years or like her Aunt Stephanie who has been passionate about dance her whole life, I hope Ellie has fun, feels beautiful and finds her own little place in this first step of independence:  her very own class!

A friend gave us her daughter’s old ballet slippers and leotard so Ellie is all set!

Eating and wearing her after ballet treat!:)

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9 Responses to First Ballet Class

  1. lauren says:

    Awhhh…she looks so adorable :-)!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    That is so precious. Little girls and ballet. Vivian takes ballet too and Greta jealously looks on waiting for the day when its her turn.

  3. Oh, she is so cute! She has become more and more striking with each month! Glad for your activities picking up, and so thankful Amelia is healthier this year, allowing you more opportunities outside the house.

  4. Grace says:

    How fun! I am so proud of her! I cannot wait to get Cora involved in her first dance class, or gymnastics class…or swim class. Whatever her first lesson might be!

  5. Really sweet! Looks like she had a great time!

  6. jchallies says:

    Sweet how proud she looks!


  7. Jo says:

    Cae has her first lesson on Monday!

  8. Franci says:

    How cute! She looks adorable in her little ballet outfit — she looks so grown up! :-)

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