Discovering Greenport

After we got home from church on Sunday, we got a lunch together, hopped in our van and drove the two hours to Greenport, New York, located near the tip of Long Island.  On the way, we passed dozens of vineyards, pumpkin patches and  corn mazes.  It was a beautiful drive and when we got to our destination, we were not disappointed.  Greenport is a quaint little harbor town and we just so happened to come during their fall festival so stands were set up everywhere with fun little finds.  We meandered, we found a carousel much to the delight of the kids and afterwards, they played in a field with a group of other kids.  After a few hours, we finished off the little excursion with dinner at a place on the water called “Crabby Jerry’s”:)  Rick was quite happy to get his favorite meal, fish and chips, and I got a salmon burger that was surprisingly delicious.  The kids ate their usual chicken and french fries, danced for a while on the restaurant deck, (much to the amusement of those eating around us), and then we were off again, back to the city!

Thank you Lord for our new van and for rejuvenating little escapes!

(By the way, homeschooling continues to go well as do the classes Micah and Ellie are involved in.   I will try to update some of our recent school activities soon.  And… we are waiting to hopefully finalize some important news…stay tuned!:)

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9 Responses to Discovering Greenport

  1. Looks so fun! I love Amelia’s dress. Love the photos of the kids. Love that it is FALL!!!

  2. Grace says:

    What a cute family you have. Every time I see pictures of Amelia so happy and healthy it does my heart good. Miss you all!

  3. bchallies says:

    Who, oh who, does sweet Amelia look like?

  4. Jana says:

    What a lovely Sunday afternoon outing. Glad you all had fun!

  5. Megha says:

    That looks like a lovely little town! I love short trips like that, especially with kids…when the drive is not too long, the destination is unique, and you can sleep in your own bed at night. :)

  6. Susanna says:

    Mom-I jokingly tell people Amelia looks like the mailman!;)lol

    Megha-YES…unique destination but not too far so we can be home in just a few hours!:)

  7. small family outings are such a blessing! What a beautiful family you have!

  8. jchallies says:

    i know you will miss all those beautiful seaside villages, but there are a lot of beautiful towns southeast of Atlanta, eg Greensboro, Eatonton,etc. Great photos of the kids. Amelia is looking more loke her papa.


  9. Franci says:

    What a cute town! I want to go see it now too. I got some really amazing photos — I especially liked the b&w pics of Amelia and the sunset ones.

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