Last NYC Date Night

(Ya, I know.  I don’t exactly look dressed for a night out watching ballet…I seriously don’t even know how to get dressed up anymore!;)

We have never suffered for enough date nights since living in New York thanks to friends (specific thanks to Elizabeth Wigle and the Hoyts) and have been able to do a lot of things sans children which is always a treat.  Last night, as a last hurrah to New York City date nights, we went to see the show “Jewels” at the New York City Ballet since we had never seen a ballet here.   It was absolutely beautiful, the enjoyment heightened by the chocolate covered nuts I bought from the theater snack bar and proceeded to eat as we watched!;)

After the ballet, we walked around, heard some rather perverse conversations going on around us, saw a guy stripping off his button down shirt for two other guys (I don’t know what was going on yesterday but I saw/heard really weird stuff on the street) and then had dinner at a restaurant across the street from the theater.  Next we found a Starbucks open until 1am so at 11:15pm, we were very happy to find out we could still get some coffee before we had to get back on the subway into Brooklyn and our night had to officially end!

Now, we are preparing to leave tomorrow for a week long trip to Canada.  We’ll start out in Toronto, then head to Ottawa and end in Montreal before heading back to Brooklyn and packing up for OUR MOVE BACK TO ATLANTA! We’ll be moving the first week in November…where to begin with all the packing?  I don’t even know…

Oh New York, we will miss you!  Our time here has been filled with so many blessings and we will always be so grateful for our 4 year adventure in the city of all cities!

“Jewels is unique: a full-length, three-act plotless ballet that uses the music of three very different composers…” -NYC Ballet

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7 Responses to Last NYC Date Night

  1. Grace says:

    You look awesome! Glad you had a last date night…looking forward to having you closer again.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Wow. I have really mixed emotions about you leaving. I know we are not there anymore, but it makes me sad to see you guys saying goodbye to NYC and it stirs up a lot of emotion and memories. On the other hand I am really happy that you get to return home to your family and be able to continue the life that God has planned for you guys. Oh, the packing! I don’t envy you one bit. :)

  3. Franci says:

    It looks wonderful, and I can’t wait to see a Real Ballet!

    And hey — you looked very nice. Goodness, Susanna, you could wear a black plastic bag and still look good! But your whole jeans/boots/scarf combo looked great.

  4. Oh, so happy for you!!! I am really glad you have had this time in NYC. But glad you are heading closer:)

  5. Kim says:

    Oh wow! I’m excited you guys are making your way back to the south and am glad you’ve had a wonderful 4 years. Can’t believe it’s been that long and we never made a visit up- urgh! Oh well, hope to see you soon and we will be praying for safe travels.

  6. Dad Rose says:

    A plot-less ballet would be perfect for me. I rarely can follow the story anyway.

  7. Ariah says:

    How do I contact you guys privately? I have a question for you regarding a book, Clean Water For Elirose

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