Teaching my children about God is an honor I often fail to grasp. Yet, little old me has the opportunity to daily radiate the creator of the universe to young, thirsty souls who not only need Him but need to truly understand what He is all about and who they are with Him or without Him.

With Him, we are sinners and without Him, we are sinners.  It’s an amazing concept to grasp.  Our God is no respecter of persons but lifts the veil for some so they see themselves for who they truly are and their reflections make them cringe; He breaks them. A work of no one else but a potter who wants His clay to be malleable in His hands, for hardened clay is unavailable to His use and will remain as such unless dashed to pieces.

A few weeks ago, I asked my dad, “What breaks a person?” His answer surprised me as I was expecting a formula from the mouth of one much wiser than I and one who wondered all his early life without a knowledge of God. “You know, it all comes down to whom God has called,” he replied. “I came to hate my life without God and life became depressing but that was because God was at work. One person will continue in the life I was living and be quite happy to do so while I couldn’t continue in it any longer.”

There is nothing innately pretty about any of us and there is nothing we are incapable of doing or being. Yet, His (chosen before the beginning of time) sinners become saints, clean, because of the work of one who became the ugliest sinner on our behalf.  He came to be, as “The Jesus Storybook Bible” reminds my children repeatedly, “our Rescuer.”  And yes, we’re redeemed messes once we become followers of Christ but we’re still sinners and I like to remind my children of that fact. It diminishes the “us and them” gap and reminds them it is the act of pure, unadulterated grace which bestows on individuals the gift of salvation and the ability to see clearly that which is truth. That which we truly are without God’s help. That which we become in Him.

I pray my children will want a rescuer and will not trust in any other person or thing for help. I pray they will be malleable clay in the hands of the potter. I pray they will recognize that salvation does not come because we are so good or because we’ve grown up hearing about God but because we are given eyes to see who we truly are as in a mirror. The depravity of our hearts. The unmerited forgiveness and salvation that is ours in Jesus. The awakening He and He alone can bring.

As “The Jesus Storybook Bible” states so beautifully for my children, “That’s why, before the beginning of time, God had another plan-a better plan. A plan not to destroy the world, but to rescue it-a plan to one day send His own Son, the Rescuer.”

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6 Responses to Rescuer

  1. Rick says:

    Perfectly and beautifully said! Not only a great mom, but also a great theologian

  2. jchallies says:

    Very beuatiful post. I pray that God will help my grandbabies[how very southern] to ‘get it’. Sensing the need for grace and forgiveness and feeling repentant for sin are so unnatural to all us sinners.

  3. Grace says:

    What a great post! Justin and I have been talking about what bible to get our girls (the one we have now completely avoids sin…and anything that isn’t cozy). Could you send me a link to the one you use? Sounds like a great bible.

  4. Interesting conversation with Dad. I always enjoy picking his brain on various subjects, but particularly anything pertaining to theology….

  5. bcchallies says:

    I am so happy to know my grandchildren are being taught fundamental Christian truth systematically and well!

  6. I love the picture of the three kiddos. It looks so nice and warm down there!! Certainly no ice to have to salt off the stairs :) Great post Susanna.

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